English Education

Attaining English language proficiency opens so many doors in Cambodia. Many of the most prestigious universities require students to pass an English language examination to be accepted into an undergraduate program. For example, Pannasatra University in Phnom Penh states the following in their admission requirements:

Students must earn a passing score on the PEPT (Pannasastra English Placement Test) for IEAP (Intensive English for Academic Purposes)  level 3, GESL (General English as a Second Language) level 7 and EHSS (English for High school Students) level 7, before enrolling into an associate program.

We feel that all middle school students at our school should have the opportunity to attend the best universities in the country. To do so, they must achieve English proficiency before graduating high school..

Many workers in Phnom Penh spend part of their day's wage attending night classes to better their English. They realize that reading/writing and especially speaking English fluently is critical to improving their careers.

(Left) Our Computer and English teacher Saveng teaches an 8th grade English class. (Center) A student created the art for Saveng's poster on parts of the body. (Right) We realized years ago that students didn't receive enough time each week to learn English. We hired Kumar, a local high school English teacher, to teach middle and high school students who wanted to become more proficient in English to teach an after-school class. We took this photo on at twilight in March 2016. Forty-seven students filled the room. 


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