In February, 2018 28 Leland High School, San Jose students and parents traveled during their vacation to Cambodia to perform volunteer work at the Doris Dillon School

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Twenty-eight Leland High School San Jose students and parents chose to spend their 2018 Presidents’ Week break to implement myriad projects at our school:

·   ukulele lessons using 14 donated ukuleles,

·   CPR/infant care training using five inflatable adult/infant CPR dummies, 

·   Donated Cue educational robots from WonderWorkshop that were used to teach programming

·   STEM-based science lessons (e.g., earth science: finding true north using three sticks, making a floating compass, biology: demonstrating transpiration/transportation using flowers/leaves that students discover, physics: building a bottle rocket using a bicycle pump and a 1-liter plastic bottle), health hands-on lessons: demonstrating the dangers of cigarette smoking using a cigarette, cork, cotton wool and a plastic bottle; how sugar destroys teeth, using Coke and sugar cane juice and teeth donated by a dental college,

·   Use of a donated microscope, attached camera and LCD projector to project slide image on a wall so that all students can see the slide

·   A donated Ambient Weather station that broadcasts the school’s weather in real time to other Wunderground weather stations all over the world. Our student can now see the weather on other continents’ stations also in real time.

·   formation of an Ultimate Frisbee girls’ league thanks to 36 frisbees donated by Bret Harte’s Booster Club,

·   a demonstration organic vegetable garden teaching poverty-defeating diversification from paddy rice,

·   creation of a girls’ community service group focused on girl empowerment, mural painting and art lessons

·   mural painting and basic art lessons to students who have never had an art lesson

·   a library checkout system manned by a high school scholarship girl who supervises a procedure that allows students to read to their illiterate parents for the first time in ten years.