Hands-On Science Photos 

(Top Row, left to right) Our science teacher teaches a biology lesson on breathing and lungs while our English/computer teacher, Chantal Naugle, and Jacob Bryan look on. Chantal uses balloons to demonstrate how our lungs enable our breathing. Students assemble RAFT Roller racer kits. (Middle Row, left to right) Students help each other assemble the Roller Racers. Students get ready to race their Roller Racers. Students loved the rare opportunity to compete with each other. (Bottom Row, left to right) Jacob Bryan and a student prepare to drop a powder of Mentos into a smaller Diet Coke bottle to create a sudden foaming release of carbon dioxide. A female student helps dump Mentos powder into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke. Students watch the chemical reaction releasing carbon dioxide in a geyser from the bottle. Students compared the difference in the release of the carbon dioxide in the smaller bottle to the release in the big 2 liter bottle.