University Scholarships

Photo above: We have funded Pisey and Rachna's scholarships from 7th-12th grade. Pisey is a sophomore at Vanda Institute and is majoring in accounting. Rachna has applied to universities in Phnom Penh and plans to become a doctor.

One main goal has always been to provide village girls on scholarship the opportunity to achieve a post-secondary education at a reputable and prestigious university. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of education at our middle school and the two high schools our students matriculate to. Our efforts are beginning to bear fruit:

  • Pisey is majoring in Accounting at the Vanda Institute in Phnom Penh
  • Rachna is awaiting acceptance into a university in Phnom Penh where she will pursue a medical degree 
  • Vanthorng is majoring in Accounting at Build Bright University in Sihanoukville 
  • Sreynea is attending AHHA in Phnom Penh where she is pursuing studies in English and Computer Science

Pisey's parents both left the family to work in Thailand. Her family owns a small plot of land that does not raise enough rice to feed them. Pisey was forced to quit school to work in other families' rice fields. Her scholarship provided enough income to allow her to return to school in 8th grade and graduate high school four years later.

Rachna's family owns a less than a hectare of land that does not yield enough rice to feed them. Her father works in construction, so he is gone for long periods of time on projects. Her mother weaves floormats to selling the nearest market town and Rachna dropped out of school to help her mother. Rachna's scholarship provided enough income to her family to allow her to return to school and graduate five years later. One further note: Rachna was the top student in her junior class.

Vanthorng's mother died when she was young and then her father abandoned the family. She was left to live with her grandfather, whom she loved and her step-grandmother with whom she has had a difficult relationship. Since both were in poor health she had to care for them while attending middle school and high school. When her beloved grandfather died in 2015, she was forced to live alone with her step-grandmother and care for her.

Sreynea's family lives close to the river and their land is poorly suited for rice-growing because it is prone to flooding. Sadly, her father spent precious savings to purchase a wooden canoe after the catastrophic flooding, notably in Thailand, in 2011. The boat sits downstairs on their dirt floor in their thatched home, at the ready to rescue them. Sreynea lived the farthest from our school of any student, so we bought her a bicycle which she promptly rode home to her lunch over the rutted muddy roads faster than our moto following her. We took this picture with her family when we finally caught up with her.


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From left to right: (l.) Board member Jim Gettelman teaches Vanthorng how to use her donated laptop. All university scholarships students have received laptops to assist them in their studies. (center left): Sreynea with her family, taken when she was in 8th grade. (center right): Our in-country Director Sokna helps Rachna master her donated laptop during our boards January 2017 visit. (right): Pisey with her family.