Music, Art, and Sports

The above photo Matt DeLong, our Marketing Director (on left) teaching ukulele chords to a girl. 


We discovered, when we first visited the school a decade ago, that Cambodian kids love music and have no stage fright when it comes to singing.

In January 2017, members of our non-profit board visited our school. One member, Ken Colson (pictured below) purchased four ukuleles to teach students and teachers music fundamentals. Ken plays the ukulele and found that it's a very popular instrument in Cambodia. While there, we taught them how to play and sing "You Are My Sunshine", a particularly special song for our school. Doris Dillon's friends gave her the nickname "Miss Sunshine". Students' and teachers' enthusiasm spoke loudly to the need to create an ongoing music program.

Teaching them how to play the ukulele gives them a vehicle to more fully develop their love of music and self-expression.

Note: 100% of all donations will be used to fund projects and programs for village students, alumni, teachers, and families. No funds will ever be used to fund administrative expenses and board member travel and expenses.

(Left): Click on the video to watch students singing "You Are My Sunshine". (Center left): Co-founder Denise DeLong shows a chord to a girl. (Center): A girl helps another girl. (Center right): A girl trying to play "You Are My Sunshine" chords on her own. (Right): Our Computer/English teacher Saveng and elementary principal Sok Poeun try playing ukuleles.


On our Fall 2008 visit to the school, we saw students drawing in a classroom during their free time at lunch. We decided then and there to set aside donated funds to buy art supplies each year for all students to use. 

We have always wanted to create an art curriculum and now, Megha Karthik and Smera Patil, students from Leland High School in San Jose are developing a curriculum to finally realize this dream: 

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(Left) one of our girls on scholarships shows us here artwork. (Center left): A girl draws during her free time at lunch. (Center right): A girl reads while another draws during their free time. (Right): Student artwork posted on a classroom wall.


Students love to play sports, especially boys. Volleyball and soccer tend to be the most popular. Each year, we raise funding to purchase a variety of sports equipment, from hacky sacks and badminton nets to inflating needles and air pumps. We also hand-carry donated used soccer uniforms to the school for students to wear.

We built a playground five years ago. It has become a great gathering place for students of all ages. By playing on the equipment, little kids come to see school as being a fun place to be and thus are encouraged to go to school when they are old enough. Now, the activity of so many children has worn down the equipment considerably. If you want to help fund a new playground, please click on the Take Action button below.

(Left) Bret Harte Middle School San Jose donated 10 lacrosse uniforms which were raffled off. The winning boys then went outside to play volleyball in them. (Center left): oys playing volleyball in their school uniforms. (Center right): A girl plays badminton for the first time while others wait their turn. (Center right): When we arrived at the school, we found that the volleyball net and the playground we funded had both 'broken down' from so much use, so these students created their own net from the old swingset frame. (Right): Kids playing on the playground when it was new.


Note: 100% of all donations will be used to fund projects and programs for village students, alumni, teachers, and families. No funds will ever be used to fund administrative expenses or board member travel and expenses. 

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