photo above:

  • left: Sovanna 
  • 2nd left: Netra    
  • mid left: Sreylin  
  • mid right: Sony  
  • 2nd right: Dalen  
  • right: Laekhena


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Leadership Academy Scholarships

It is difficult for poor village students to compete with students of privilege in Phnom Penh for acceptance in Cambodia's best universities. We view each of our village's students' enrollments in prestigious universities as a miracle.

That's why we chose to partner with the incredible non-profit Sustainable Schools International to send selected graduates of our middle school to their Leadership Academy. SSI's mission mirrors ours: to give village students the best educational opportunities possible while developing their character, based on a set of core values.

Years ago, our co-founder, Jim DeLong, stayed at SSI's nascent middle school in the remote village near Kampong Speu to learn how the inspirational Kari Grossman established so many successful programs.

We've marveled at how SSI's success has grown since then and decided to send promising graduates to attend their Leadership Academy, a college prep boarding school that has achieved remarkable success placing graduates in university and vocational-based career paths that fulfill their passions. And, students receive leadership training, career counseling, and community service mentorship and entrepreneurship, as well as internships with local Phnom Penh business and governmental agencies.

Many Leadership Academy graduates are now attending the best universities in the nation.  Now, the six students we are providing scholarships for to attend SSI's leadership Academy will receive an education that will give them a chance to attend those same universities.

Presently, we're collecting funding for these six Doris Dillon School graduates to attend 10th grade at SSI's Leadership Academy. The cost for tuition/ room and board per student is $2,500/year. If you want to help provide these scholarships, please click on the button at the bottom of the page to donate.

Each of our Leadership Academy students is photographed standing before their homes. From left to right:

  • (left) Sao SovannaHe asked us if he could be included after we had filled the five slots for scholarships that we had budgeted for. His initiative really impressed us--we couldn't turn him down.


  • (2nd left) Phorn Delen: We have provided a scholarship for Delen since she dropped out in 7th grade because of her family's poverty. They own no land so her father works repairing phones and odd jobs to feed his family. Delen's education could lift her family out of subsistence poverty.


  • (center) Phorn Leakhena.: We have provided a scholarship for Leakhena since she dropped out of 7th grade because her family's rice field cannot sustain them. Leakhena wants to become a doctor to help others and give money to her family.


  • (3rd from right) Sony: Sony wants desperately to help her family escape village poverty. This is why she chose a career path that would lead to a university education.


  • (2nd from right) Chey Sreylin: We have provided a scholarship for Sreylin since she dropped out in 7th grade because of her family's poverty. Her father is a policeman. Her family does not own land, so her father cannot earn enough to feed his family. Sreylin realizes that she can use her education to lift her family out of their dire situation. She wants to attend university to become a doctor, a choice based on her proficiency in Biology and Chemistry. 


  • (right): We have sponsored Netra with a scholarship since she dropped out of 7th grade because of her family's poverty. Her family owns a small rice field that cannot support them so her father does occasional chores for more prosperous villagers to sustain his family.

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Note: 100% of all donations will be used to fund projects and programs for village students, alumni, teachers, and families. No funds will ever be used to fund administrative expenses or board member travel and expenses. 

You can double your donation, if you work for a company with a Matching Gift program, by applying for a matching donation from your company. We are registered with most of the organizations that manage matching gift programs for companies (e.g., benevity, Your Cause, Network for Good). 

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