Anupama Shivakumar: Conversational English

anupama at board.jpg

After Leland senior Anupama Shivakumar finished her volunteer work on Leland’s February 2018 trip, she realized her favorite experience was simply sitting with students who would come up to her during breaks and try to talk with them to satisfy their curiosity and genuine interest in her. That led her to choose to create a conversational English curriculum and return on this February’s volunteer trip. Last February, her father Shiva chose to volunteer with her; this time, her mother Subha volunteered to help teach with Anupama.

(Left) Our English/computer teacher Saveng holds a conversation in English with a group of girls. (Middle) Anupama (far left) listens as a girl replies in English to another girl’s question. (Right) Saveng translates Anupama’s explanation into Khmer.