Anokhi Mehta: Art Lessons

Anokhi’s main project was to have students create a landscape mural of their village by having each student paint a square section of the mural. It was mounted at the end of our last day on a wall in our library. Below right, she is touching up a section of the mural after it was mounted on the library wall.

She also raised funds to buy paper for a year-long origami project that she initiated by creating and laminating step-by-step instructions for creating various origami shapes. Below left, she is demonstrating a step in creating an origami animal.

Below are photos of Anokhi and her mother Mamtah’s work with students:

(Upper left) Anokhi demonstrates a fold in origami lesson. (Upper middle) Showing students how to mix colors. (Upper right) Boys paint a section of the landscape. (Lower left) Anokhi’s mother shows a boy where his section will be placed when finished. (Lower middle) The various sections are laid out before being mounted on the library wall. (Lower right) Sandilya Garimella, Bhargavi’s father, helps hang the mural on the library wall.