Storytelling Project


West Valley student Victoria Schellenberg led a team that wanted students to create and share their ‘story’ with each other. Traditional Cambodian education does not focus on the individual; this experience really allowed students to discover what they shared in common with each other and their own uniqueness. Click here to view the template that students used to tell their story (in Khmer and English).

(Upper Left) A student fills in the section about his family. (Upper Right) A student writes about his friends. (Lower Left) Two boys talk over what they will write for their “My friends” section. (Lower Right) In the library, girls talk with each other about what they’re writing for their stories. (Bottom left) West Valley students raised funds to buy a camera that linked to a portable printer. They used it to take and print photos of each student that were mounted in the “My Picture” middle section of their storytelling posts. Here, a student holds up his poster as he tells his story to the class.