Volunteer Work Projects

We have been so fortunate to receive the dedicated efforts of so many college and high school students and parents who have sacrificed their vacations to work with students, teachers and families at our school. Please click on the following to find out more about their inspiring work:


Leland High School, San Jose: February 2019 Student and Parent Volunteer Work

Inspired by their friends’ and classmates’ volunteer work (and stories!), during Presidents’ Week vacation, a group of seniors and their parents funded their own travel and developed their own projects from English tutoring, menstrual health, group landscape painting to hands-on science and health lessons. Click on the button below to read about and view their work:


West Valley College, Saratoga, CA: January 2019 Society of Global Citizens Volunteer Work

During West Valley College, Saratoga’s Winter vacation break, 13 students and 3 advisors developed and implemented 13 different projects ranging from installing water collection systems and family gardens, teaching pre-school English lessons, creating a digital library of educational resources, to practicing hands-on first aid. West Valley student Zac Hopp was the group’s videographer. Click on the link below (click on the orange “here”) to watch his excellent video. Click on the orange button below to read about and view photos of each project.

  • Click here to watch West Valley College student Zac Hopp’s incredible video of West Valley students’ and advisors’ experiences working with students and village families.


Leland High School, San Jose: February 2018 Student and Parent Volunteer Work:

During Presidents’ Week vacation break, Leland High School students and their parents travelled at their own expense to work on projects ranging from robotics, CPR training, mural painting, ukulule lessons to girl empowerment. Clock on the orange button below to read about and view photos of their work:

candid photo1.jpg