Ukulele Class

Thanks to Ken Colson and Leland High School junior Mira Karthik, 15 ukuleles have been donated to our school. Mira also created a basic teaching course that she and other volunteers taught during the February 2018 Leland High School students and parents volunteer trip.

West Valley student Jacob Bryan and English /computer teacher Saveng taught students ukulele lessons during lunch time. Saveng continues to teach ukulele to interested students after school and at lunch as well.

The Gmerek family donated a guitar which they hand-carried over as well. Students performed “You Are My Sunshine”, “Happy Birthday”, and a popular Cambodian song “Champa Battambang” during an assembly on the last afternoon of the volunteer trip. Click here to read a ukulele lesson (translated into Khmer also) and here to view a ukulele chord tutorial that West Valley students created.

Ukulele Performance video! Beginner ukulele students play “You Are My Sunshine” for the school after just three lessons. This is Doris’ unofficial theme song: her nickname was ‘Miss Sunshine” because she brightened a room just by walking in.

(Upper left) West Valley student Jacob Bryan plays guitar for students while Saveng helps teach them in Khmer. (Upper middle and right, lower row) Our English/computer teacher Saveng teaches students ukulele during their free time.