Our library

Doris Dillon's passion was enkindling a love of reading in children. When we built our middle school and named it in her honor, we set a room aside to become the library. Each year, we've had to purchase hundreds of books to replace the ones that have grown so worn from so much use.

This past January, we purchased a large variety of books published by SIPAR, a French non-profit organization that's dedicated to fight illiteracy in Cambodia. For the first time, we bought books for adults on topics relating to agriculture and animal husbandry. Although we realize that most villagers cannot read, we hope that their children will check these books out and read them at home to their parents.

And we're also raising funds to hire a teacher to teach an adult reading class at night. Their salary would be $80/month. If you want to donate to fund a month's salary or more, click on the button below.

Note: 100% of all donations will be used to fund projects and programs for village students, alumni, teachers, and families. No funds will ever be used to fund administrative expenses or board member travel and expenses. 

You can double your donation, if you work for a company with a Matching Gift program, by applying for a matching donation from your company. We are registered with most of the organizations that manage matching gift programs for companies (e.g., benevity, Your Cause, Network for Good). 

Take Action: Help fund a teacher for an adult reading class: $80/month

These photos show that Doris Dillon's passion to enkindle a love of reading is present here today in this room.

During their free time, students can play outside and sit on benches and talk with their friends. During free time on the day these photos were taken in January 2017, over forty students came in to read books. And, yes, the library was silent. Thanks to the power of reading, these students traveled to worlds beyond this little room in their rural village.