Pre-School Program

We funded a playground to encourage village children to see school as a place where they can enjoy themselves. We then decided to create a full-blown pre-school program with that same goal in mind: to make children's first experience of school one of delight.

The pre-school program further benefits village families. Many mothers must work in their family's rice field. As such it is difficult to work and watch over their children. More prosperous families often pay a girl $1/day or less to mind their children. Parents of the poorest families sometimes force their daughters to drop out of school to take on this 'babysitting" work. When these girls drop out of school, they forfeit social contact with their peers and thus cannot form strong lasting friendships.

Pre-school frees mothers to work each morning without having to worry about their children's welfare. These pre-school children learn basic writing and reading skills which prepare them to excel in first grade. Most importantly, they start their education with a love of school.

Click here or on the thumbnail below left to watch the YouTube video of our pre-school kids singing a hygiene song in Khmer about washing hands.

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(Left): Pre-school kids sing a hygiene song in Khmer about washing hands.  (Center): Co-founder Denise DeLong shows the children their 'hand-washing song' video. It is the first time they have seen themselves captured on video. (Right): Board member Ken Colson gives our pre-school teacher books we purchased from the non-profit SIPAR for the children to read. 


Note: 100% of all donations will be used to fund projects and programs for village students, alumni, teachers, and families. No funds will ever be used to fund administrative expenses and board member travel and expenses. 

You can double your donation, if you work for a company with a Matching Gift program, by applying for a matching donation from your company. We are registered with most of the organizations that manage matching gift programs for companies (e.g., benevity, Your Cause, Network for Good). 

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